Susan Whipple, MA, CPCC
Life Coaching For Business Professionals

One-on-One Coaching

"Susan is an amazing coach. She gets to the heart of the matter quickly, and sets you on course - with deadlines and accountability. In addition to my own results, I have seen her work wonders for others."

How Tele-coaching Works

All of our coaching sessions are conveniently designed to be held on the telephone, which saves your time, energy, and money. Tele-coaching means:

  • No traffic, parking, and commuting hassles or costs.
  • You can be anywhere in the world!
  • You can relax and focus. Coaching clients report greater productivity and faster results by doing their sessions by phone.

You're always on my mind, as I look for ways to help you meet your goals!

  • I can provide a variety of approaches to help you move ahead on your path in the way that works the best for you. In this way you can be connected with important resources to help you live the life you most want.
  • Because of the personal attention I provide my clients, my individual coaching practice is limited to 9 people, instead of the typical coaching load of 15+ clients.

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Who Works With Susan?

Successful clients are typically professional women and men in leadership roles such as:

-Business Owners

-Business Professionals

Example Goals


-Life Skills (decision making etc)
-Life Balance 

Successful clients are motivated to recognize and pursue major life change--for the better!



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Susan Whipple, MA, CPCC is a popular speaker, workshop leader and certified professional life and career coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her life’s passion is to support mid-life and career transitioning professionals to live their fullest, most authentic lives through in-person and phone-based coaching.