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Meet  Certified Professional Coach Susan Whipple, MA, CPCC

I've been living my dream life for over 15 years—coaching people to create richly fulfilling and balanced lives—all from the beautiful seaside town of Sausalito.

After many years in stressful senior level corporate leadership positions, I have reinvented  and designed a professional and personal life that is authentic, energized and inspired. My goal is to help you do the same.

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My Story

Long Corporate Career-Long Hours-Frequent Migraines.

In 1994, I was the Western Regional Director of Organizational Development for the prominent global services technology company, EDS.  As one of EDS' senior managers, I was an executive level advisor and coach to EDS' senior leadership team.   I led strategic planning and leadership development teams, as well as directed the recruitment effort at the regional, divisional and corporate level, for executives with responsibility for thousands of employees.

After 14 years of long hours, missed dinners, and painful migraine headaches ( I've had  migraines since I was 14), I was exhausted and desperate for some semblance of balance and serenity in my life.

My husband and I had just become the extremely proud parents of a very spirited golden retriever puppy, we named Moxie.  As my maternal "puppy" instincts tugged at my heart each day, I got the courage to resign my post. To my surprise I was asked to stay and given the opportunity to become the first senior manager (probably in the history of the company) to work part time.

For one year I worked half days for EDS, which gave me ample time for long walks with my puppy, yoga classes, preparation of healthy meals, studying psychology,  and enjoying journal writing and other forms of creative expression.

Looking for More In Life and Work. Leaving Corporate

As I began to fill out my life with what I enjoyed most, I realized that I longed to make a more radical career change.  For support, I hired a professional life coach.  I also joined a support group based, in part, on Barbara Sher's best-selling book, Wishcraft.

The individual coaching and the group provided the on-going encouragement that I needed to envision a balanced new life, including my long-held dream of getting a master's degree in psychology.  As we met weekly, my coach and my group supported me to make a plan, a budget, and ultimately boosted my courage to quit my managerial position once and for all.

Finally the day had come...After my EDS 15 year anniversary celebration luncheon, I put in my notice.

The day after I resigned my executive position, I left for a visit with a friend in San Diego. We shopped for new soft, colorful clothes to reflect the vibrant person I envisioned becoming. When I returned from San Diego, I promptly donated all but two, of my many navy blue, black, and charcoal gray suits to a women's organization providing interviewing clothes for women in need.

 After some much needed rest,  I enrolled in the Master's Degree program at John F. Kennedy University in Holistic Studies, with an emphasis in Consciousness and Creativity and began to really feed my soul.

In 1998, I completed the JFK University master's degree, with a concentration on creativity, psychology, and holism.  At the same time I completed two years of Psychosynthesis training-which employs wonderfully creative tools that employ the soul's language of image and metaphor for practical guidance in our lives.

After I completed my master's degree and Psychosynthesis practitioner training, it became clear to me what my next career step would be.  I would combine my 15 years of business, leadership and executive coaching with my holistic master's degree study and creative psychology training.  I would not have to choose between business and psychology, I would integrate them both in my Career and Life Coaching practice.

My aha moment came when I realized that I would combine my extensive leadership and coaching experience with my graduate school psychology education and coaching certification to design a new career as a certified professional career and life coach. To help to consciously create meaningful careers and richly fulfilling balanced lives.

In 2000, two years after completing my master's degree, and an additional  two years of professional coaching training, I sat for and passed the intensive full day oral and written International Coach Federation accredited Coaching Certification exam,  through the Coaches Training Institute and became a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach). 

New Home. New Lifestyle.

Also, in 2000, My husband and I  sold our house and most of our belongings and followed our long held dream to move, from Sacramento, to the San Francisco Bay Area, to live in the lovely seaside town of Sausalito

At the same time I was in career transition, my husband was in the midst of a life changing career shift from high-technology to his dream of working with animals.  He later became a state licensed guide dog instructor. With the help of individual coaching, and our support group, we followed our passions and created an incredibly fulfilling new lifestyle for ourselves.

Part of consciously creating lives we love, includes the realization that if we are to really authentically examine what  is most meaningful for ourselves and our lives, we may choose different and incompatible paths than our loved ones.  This was case for my husband and me.  We have chosen separate paths and have since divorced. We still honor and respect each other for what we have shared and learned together.  We remain great friends and shared custody of our beautiful golden retriever, Moxie, until June of 2004, when she passed away, after giving us both a decade of unconditional love, spirit and spunk.

New Marriage. New Career

Joyfully, in 2003, I remarried to a wonderful man who is an advocate for disabled access.  We share a love of the sea, exploration, and a passion for giving back to our community. Our beautiful golden retriever, Moxie, was our ring-bearer and flower girl at our wedding!  
I now work, in private practice, as a professional career and life coach, group coach, facilitator, and public speaker. I also lead Barbara Sher's Success Teams -all from my wonderful seaside office with inspiring views of the San Francisco Bay.

In addition to my private coaching practice, I love contributing to my profession, so I have also been the advisor to the Consciousness Studies master's degree program at JFK University, as well as the Director of Life Coaching for JFK's master's level professional coaching program.

Walks by the sea, time with friends, and space for breathing are daily delights. While I still have occasional migraine headaches, my lifestyle choices provide me with a beautiful balance of right-livelihood, play and the rest I need. 

As I celebrate over a decade since the creation of my dream life and work, I choose to live life fully-with moxie, courage, and and conviction, while in the presence of other vibrant passionate people.

It is my joy and passion to help others find their own unique version of this kind of satisfaction, enjoyment and balance in their own lives!

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Susan Whipple, MA, CPCC is a popular speaker, workshop leader and certified professional life and career coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her life’s passion is to support mid-life and career transitioning professionals to live their fullest, most authentic lives through in-person and phone-based coaching.