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Coaching Successes 

"My way of thinking and acting has changed so dramatically,  thanks to Susan. I now make decisions and ACT."

Whether you're a corporate executive or own your business, Susan Whipple,  veteran Leadership and Life Coach, can help you optimize all dimensions of your life.

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W.S., Senior Purchasing Manager, Global Retail Company
"Susan helped me realize that I was worth hiring and provided guidance on my resume."

I was depressed and miserable at my old job. I needed to change my career and I was stuck. I went to a therapist who started talking to me about my mother. I'm in my late 40s. I looked at her and thought: Why are we going backward? I want help moving forward. One of my colleagues highly recommended coaching with Susan instead.  I felt coaching was so ACTION ORIENTED as in "Let's figure out  where you want to go  and let's figure out, together, how  to get there." Then Susan would hold me accountable to take the steps to be successful..

When I first began coaching with Susan, I had a resume that was almost complete and needed someone to give me a kick in the butt as well as get validation that I was worth hiring. I'd been so  beaten up by my last job and terrorized by my boss, I'd started to believe what she was telling me. Susan helped me realize that I was worth hiring.

I had a fabulous new job a month later.

M. P., Director of FM Marketing
"I needed a better department structure at work, and to complete my career audition tape."

I briefly met Susan and was immediately impressed with her energy, genuine sincerity and indomitable spirit. I had researched the topic of personal coaching for some time without action, but after meeting her for just a moment I knew she was right for me.

Susan is a consummate professional. She operates with integrity. No gimmicks. No add-on fees. No surprises. She is a compassionate, intelligent, energetic, pragmatic, creative, resourceful woman.

Susan has really helped me inject a lot more passion into my life.
As a result of working with her, I put the following into action where there was no action before:

  • Designed a work environment and department structure that works for me.
  • Created balance by going to a 4-day work week, a pioneering action in my company, unheard of before me. Completed my career audition tape once and for all!
  • I'm changing from a fearful financial failure to a proactive financial planner for myself and my family."


J.B., Manager of Communications
"I needed help planning for my retirement."

I chose Susan because of her background—the combination of her work with Ross Perot's company (EDS), which is very demanding and requires strong left-brain, analytical ability and her studies and work, at John F. Kennedy University, which demonstrated her right-brain, creative abilities.

Susan coaches, nudges, suggests, guides—instead of telling me exactly what to do. She helped me see the way for myself. She helped me focus and crystallize some vague notions about my future. She kept me on task by working with me to create goals, timelines and then analyzing the data.

Susan is very gifted in moving someone to action. She has just the right touch all along the way. I accomplished an incredible lot in only 4 months. I now have a much clearer idea of what the rest of my working life is going to look like, and beyond.

I have learned much I didn't know about Social Security benefits, determined what income we will need as a family and have decided that we likely will move from the Bay Area. Our potential new locations include Eureka, CA and Keokuk, IW.

I learned that instead of just dreaming about the future, I simply need to sit down and map it out, gather data and discuss it. I also have reaffirmed that certain 'non-work' aspects of life are really important to me—time with family, writing, reading, playing.

Most of all, I have come to realize that I truly can write the script for the rest of my life and I'm looking forward to my retirement possibilities. I know that without the coaching over the those 4 months, I likely would still be "thinking about" doing about 80% of what I have done to prepare myself for the next steps.

S.H., Promotions Director
"I needed more balance in my life—health, work, friends."

One of my dearest friends was working with Susan and recommended her. Then when I met with Susan, she was very warm and trustworthy. She made me feel comfortable and really listened to me. It was a gift to have someone completely focused on me.

She had everything organized and professional—yet she still kept everything open to how I wanted things. She allowed me to create how I wanted the relationship, but she always had educated input. She always had something new—great resources.

She has so much experience and she's always educating herself. She is a good person that has the gift as a listener.

Susan helped me get much more balanced—health, work, friends. I even lost 35 pounds. She made me take a step back and look at my life to see where it is going and where I want it to go."

B. G , Advertising Account Executive
"I needed to expand my professional network for my career."

I realized that Susan could help me make the connections I needed to be more successful in my career. Susan always kept me in mind when it came to contacts with others. She referred me to people she knew in certain positions and encouraged me to go for it when I normally might not have.

She helped me to get "out there" and believed that it was worth the effort to do so. Susan has the capacity to lead anyone, using her skills of intuition, compassion and determination, to a place of their own creative powers.


J.H., Author
"I needed to meet my book deadline and to create more balance in my life."

I first met Susan at an Idea Party for her Barbara Sher Success Team that she put on. I went to see what Susan was like, and to decide if I wanted to work with her. At that Idea Party I was so impressed with how she handled a room of 50 people who were all talking at once. She skillfully managed to keep everyone on track, which made the event a success for everyone.

The people from her Success Team that presented at the Idea Party were obviously impressed with what they accomplished. I could also tell that they liked and respected Susan. I realized then that she could help me get my head straight and focused in a very short time.Susan manages to be very professional, yet friendly and personable at the same time. That's quite a feat to maintain distance, yet be warm and inviting. She is encouraging and soothing when it's appropriate, yet direct and blunt when that is the right thing to do.

I always feel better talking to Susan, even if I go into a session feeling down and discouraged. She is great at identifying problems and suggesting workable solutions. Having Susan as a coach is like working with a good therapist. But instead of dwelling on the past—she helps you get clear and focused on what to do now, today, to create your ideal life.

If you have a specific goal in mind, Susan will not only help you meet that goal, but probably in a much easier way than you thought possible. I would have never guessed that the way for me to get more done was to enjoy my life more, and quit working at 1:30PM every day.

Her coaching was probably just as valuable about the personal areas of my life—not just the business side. My home environment is now pleasant to be in. I don't have boxes and files in every room of the house. She taught me how to work less, yet get more done.

We developed a time chart, with the rock bottom essential things that have to be done, and in what order and time frame, to meet my deadline of getting my book to an editor. Putting that time chart on paper was like a life ring. It kept me calm enough to continue.
My book has been finalized, and Susan has been an essential part of that accomplishment.


C.H., Fine Artist and Muralist
"I needed support to keep focused on growing my fine arts career, and creating a balanced life."

I have been incredibly lucky to have had the chance to work with Susan as my coach for 6 months. Working with Susan has been an amazing experience! I have gained momentum, inspiration, dedication and direction from my collaboration with Susan. As a fine artist, I have found it extremely difficult to remain on the path of my creativity as a career. Having supported myself in numerous other positions, the last thing to receive my energy was my artistic life, even though it was the one of the most important parts of my life. Susan has shown me how to remain focused and keep going forward as I move towards my dream career as an artist. Without her constant, caring, nurturing guidance I could never have achieved so much.

First, she helped me to become clear about who I am, what I want to achieve and create a plan to get there. Once that was decided, we began to create the steps that would move me towards my career as an artist. Thanks to Susan's encouragement and support, I am now showing my work in a gallery in Menlo Park, and will also be featured next year in galleries in Palo Alto and in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My work now sells for several thousands of dollars - which I doubt I could have achieved without Susan's loving support! She acted as my agent, business partner, and caring coconspirator, every step of the way.

With Susan's help I have also started another business called Spacial Effects. Using a combination of interior design, feng shui and aesthetic organization, I create harmonious, nurturing spaces in homes and offices. Her belief in my abilities has made all the difference in my having a dream versus having a dream life! Thanks to her guidance, I now feel more competent about my talents and skills, and I am learning how to create a life that is far more suited to my interests, emotional makeup and spiritual perspective on life. She has really helped me to make choices that are far healthier and more effective for achieving my goals.

Aside from Susan's ability to bring out the best in her clients, she offers so much more. She is constantly doing research to find something new to help her clients, and also has an amazing array of connections she is referring them to. Along with her bubbly, positive personality, and her kind, loving but firm (when needed!) direction, she is a totally wonderful ally in whatever you are hoping to create for your life!

I can now say that I am a professional artist, with galleries in California and soon in Seattle, Santa Fe, New Mexico!

M. C., Textile and Surface Pattern Designer
"I was fresh out of textile design school and needed a focus for my new career.  This program helped me merge my passion for pets and my creative skills - now I have my own business selling pet gifts with my own designs on them!"

Starting a new business is pretty daunting and Susan showed me how to manage my new career in manageable steps while keeping things in perspective.  She also taught me networking skills that fit my level of comfort.  Rather than going to the typical networking functions, Susan helped me identify specific connections I needed to make on my own and showed me how to appeal and connect with these people.  With her help, I now am making sales of my own products and now I have another contract with an online pet gift store.  I have also formed an alliance with a pet shelter and will be providing pet designs for their own online store in the near future.  I look forward to building on my successes.




W.S., Senior Purchasing Manager, Global Retail Company
"I wanted to learn to handle various situations in my life."

I recently told Susan: "I've arrived. Your work is done." My way of thinking and acting had changed so dramatically. I always thought "If I could just apply my work skills to the real world and life, I'd be set." And that's what happened!

Who teaches you life skills if you haven't had them modeled well?  Susan does. With her coaching, I have re-invented my life and am now  moving firmly forward, standing strongly, on my own two feet.

L. S., Trainer and Consultant
"I needed to lose weight and and get more organized and focused."

When I first talked with Susan I loved her enthusiasm and energy. It's really wonderful.
Susan helped me determine and realize my goals. She has had such a positive impact on my life. She really cares."
I lost 40 lbs, got more organized and more focused.



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