Susan Whipple, M.A., CPCC

Choose Your One-on-One Coaching Plan

Please confirm Susan's availability   prior to payment. You will be able to pay by check, or online, using Paypal or a credit card, for any of your coaching packages.



We begin our coaching relationship with:

Align and Design Session (one 90 minute session) included in each coaching plan:

In our Align and Design session(s), we kick off our coaching relationship with a collaborative meeting (s) to set goals and custom create our coaching alliance: 

We design a primary focus for our work together that supports your unique vision and goals. You will then engage in an action/learning program, that you will implement, with structures for accountability. 

After our Align and Design Session, we begin our coaching sessions:

Once you have completed the Align and Design session, you are ready to continue with your coaching sessions. Each coaching plan includes the Align and Design session and has a three month committment. Choose from the two options below: 


Jumpstart (90 minute Align and Design plus three 50 minute telephone coaching sessions first month) - $750 first month

Perfect for greatest momentum: for people who are ready to experience immense growth, are intent on developing crucial new habits/skills, or who have important projects to complete. Minimum 3-month commitment. In the first month, you will receive:

Includes: 90 minute Align and Design session plus three 50 minute telephone sessions- $750.00 first month, three month committment


Focus (90 minute Align and Design session plus two 50 minute telephone Coaching sessions in first month) - $595 first month

Ideal for staying on track: for people who are extra clear on their goals, have excellent follow-through, or desire fewer sessions to maintain their momentum. Minimum three month commitment. First month you will receive:

Includes: 90 minute Align and Design session plus  two 50 minute telephone Coaching  sessions  $595.00 first month, three month committment


Or if you would like to pay as you go, you can choose to:

Pay Per Coaching Session - $250 (one 90 minute telephone session)

90 minute sessions, of one-on-one coaching by telephone, can be arranged for insight or as a spot check to keep you on track. *Does not require three month committment.

Includes: one 90 minutes telephone coaching session-$250.00 per session (does not include Align and Design session) 




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Susan Whipple, MA, CPCC is a popular speaker, workshop leader and certified professional life and career coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her life’s passion is to support mid-life and career transitioning professionals to live their fullest, most authentic lives through in-person and phone-based coaching.